We Add Value

WELLCARE acts with the awareness of integral social and ethical responsibility in its all activities conducted around the mission of ‘The art of living healthy’.

Accordingly, WELLCARE promises high quality, effective, and safe products to its consumers.

Reliability and naturalness

As WELLCARE, having a continued commitment to science, we support scientific research and also clinical studies. Therefore, we use raw materials the effectiveness and reliability of which has been proven by clinical tests in all products of our portfolio. The herbal and plant-based agents used by BENEBABY in its products are not treated with any chemical processes and they are used in their purest form.

WELLCARE’s pharmaceutical materials are at American and European Pharmacopoeia Standards.

High standard production facilities

The facilities where WELLCARE manufactures its products have the quality standards that will never comprise from the consumer's safety thanks to the knowledge, experience, and specialized work force of the company. All products are manufactured at GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), GLP (Good Laboratory Practices), ISO 14001, ISO 90001, ISO 13485, and HACCP-certified production plants by using cutting edge technology.

Quality assurance tests

WELLCARE checks the quality of products regularly during and after production beginning from the pre-utilization quality controls of the beginning materials, continuing with the semi-finished product, in-process controls during various stages of production, finished product quality controls,and effective environmental controls.

R&D studies

WELLCARE places innovative approaches on the focus of all business processes. Therefore, in addition to international innovation centers, the company has scientists specialized in different fields in its R&D Center who conducts R&D studies to ensure the maximum benefit and reliability in its products by means of laboratory tests and clinical tests.

Reliability of baby products

The health of babies is particularly important for WELLCARE. Therefore, Benebaby products that make up the WELLCARE baby health portfolio are evaluated through clinical research under pediatric observation. Benebaby products do not include synthetic sweeteners, colorants, Paraben, or other suspicious chemical preservatives or harmful additives.

Respect to the environment and nature

For WELLCARE, the vision of sustainability is integral to the company’s culture. Maximum effort is shown to reduce the carbon footprint in every stage of the process from the supply of the raw materials to presenting the products to the consumer. It maximizes the values of respect to nature and animals.

Consumer reliability

WELLCARE provides data related with product content and values exactly on the instructions of use due to its principle of transparency.